Quick Hits: The Many Returns Edition

In Red Wings Land

I’m predicting big 2020-21 season for Detroit Red Wings’ Tyler Bertuzzi. Here’s why - Detroit Free Press

He led his team in goals and amassed a career high in assists and points.


Around the NHL

NHL, NHLPA tentatively agree to CBA extension, return-to-play plan - Sportsnet

Under the new deal, players will defer 10 per cent of next season’s salary and see another 20 per cent contributed to capped escrow. The upper limit of the salary cap will be held flat at $81.5-million.

More good CBA nerdery out here and I want to take a second to mention a comment from our own Hallr2121 a few days ago in another Quick Hits. I still think that the risks aren’t mitigated enough for my personal tastes, but “They are taking it seriously” is something I’ve been thinking a lot about and honestly, I do think the amount of work they’re putting in to get something done is an indication that they are at least trying to make sure all the due diligence is done.