Quick Hits: The Moms Edition

In Red Wings Land

How a visit from mom improved Detroit Red Wings’ Moritz Seider’s ‘me time’ - Freep

“It was nice to get together,” Seider said. “We were building a lot of furniture. Mom has a good touch for the decoration at home so that was a big help making it a bit more homey and cozy. Now when you open the door and just lay on your couch, you see actually some art work on the wall and some flowers on the table.”

You think the headline writer knew what they were implying here?

Around the League

NHL legend Patrick Marleau’s son came close to being kidnapped, according to his wife Christina - Yahoo

According to Christina, the woman of the couple started following Brody around, asking him questions and attempting to direct him to her partner, when another family nearby in the hotel noticed. The Headlam family from Louisiana stepped in before anything could happen. Hotel security and local officials were notified on site.