Quick Hits: The More Delay Edition

In Red Wings Land

Detroit Red Wings reveal what makes them revel this time of year - Freep

Whereas Mickey Mouse is the king of Disney in the U.S., in Sweden, it’s Donald Duck — or as he’s known there, Kalle Anka.

“In Sweden we always watch Donald Duck before Christmas dinner,” Elmer Söderblom said. “You watch it with family and friends and it’s just a chance to be close to the ones you love and have a great time.”

Around the League

Tuesday’s Sabres Game Postponed - Die by the Blade

The postponement shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s kept tabs on the weather the last few days. Although travel bans have been lifted in parts of Erie County, a driving ban remains in place in the city of Buffalo. The Buffalo-Niagara International Airport and air field remain closed through 11 AM on Wednesday, at least. The Thruway also remains closed.

At this time, the next scheduled Sabres game is on Thursday, December 29. The Detroit Red Wings are supposed to come to town for a 7 p.m. puck drop.

World Juniors Coverage at IIHF

I know people are talking it and are interested.  I’ve got to admit I’m not terribly invested and the year from Hockey Canada has made me even less interested, but I don’t want to deny that it’s a thing some of y’all enjoy.