Quick Hits: The More Things Change Edition

In Red Wings Land

Jeff Blashill: Will keep doing this with Detroit Red Wings post-pandemic - Freep

Detroit Red Wings coach Jeff Blashill, March 11, 2021.

It’s a 3:13 video post and I honestly don’t have enough editorial value to add to this to make it so just embedding the whole video wouldn’t be shitty for me, but I saw the headline and my jerk brain immediately thought the answer was “losing.”

The idea of value added by doing strategy meetings via video is interesting, but it’s hard to argue that it’s actually added value based on the results we’ve seen this season.

Around the NHL

This is the most disrespectful thing Gary Bettman has ever said about the Red Wings.

NHL Power Rankings: Team in a Tweet Edition - Sportsnet

The Red Wings are #29 on this list (above Anaheim and Buffalo, but I liked this tweet about the #7 Capitals more than I liked the one for us (nothing personal to Ryan Hana).