Quick Hits: The Mother’s Day Edition

In Red Wings Land

It’s a slow news day, plus a holiday (well, yesterday was when I was looking for stories), so I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Around the NHL

Orr's dominance for 1970 champion Bruins featured in new documentary

Yes, I know that this is a Red Wings site, but I’m a sucker for docs about hockey history. Obviously we love to have the Orr/Lidstrom debate here, but there’s no denying that Orr was a phenomenal player who revolutionized the position. I’ll be watching this when I’m able to (I don’t currently get NHL Network)
There is grainy film, in black and white and color, of No. 4 rushing up ice, braking, reversing direction and pulling back into his own zone, killing a penalty.

There are breathtaking sequences of Orr at full speed and in slow motion, slicing through the opposition with ridiculous ease, undressing checkers, pirouetting, spinning, diving, passing through lanes that don't seem to exist.

There is film of Orr crashing to the ice, injured, and being interviewed in his pajamas as he recovers.