Quick Hits: The Moving Around Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings’ plan centered around building ‘a nucleus’ through draft - Detroit news

“Our plan right now is to draft and try accumulate, or add, additional picks along the way. Draft, be patient, and hopefully we draft well,” Yzerman said during a Zoom interview Thursday with media. “(And) build a nucleus of a team. To try and build it through free agency is impossible. It just doesn’t work, and to do it through trades is entirely difficult because they (other teams) want your good assets and our assets are young players and our draft picks, right now, and that’s what we’re trying to build around.”

I always like looking at GM comments from a lens of “what would he be saying if he felt the exact opposite of what he is saying” because it makes at least a good litmus test for bullshit.  Here, even if Yzerman felt like it was the time to start trading young players and picks to build the team (which I would find foolish), telling the press that plan would be an even dumber idea because once you tell other GMs that you want to make trades with them, you’re negotiating against yourself.

Around the NHL

As I sit here in my glass house turning this polished river rock over in my hand, I briefly consider the consequences of laughing at the idea that a guy could be in Arizona, look at Edmonton and go “nah, I’m good.”

hahahhahahahahahah I’ll get a broom.