Quick Hits: The No, the Other Mike Jordan Edition

In Red Wings Land

Salary cap dip could help financially-sound Red Wings in free agency - The Detroit News

The NHL and the players’ association likely will work something out to at least keep the cap stable. But there’s a good chance the cap will drop several million dollars, causing havoc with teams strapped to the limit, and impacting prospective UFAs.

Defensemen Alex Pietrangelo (St. Louis), Livonia’s Torey Krug (Michigan State/Boston) and Tyson Barrie (Toronto), forwards Taylor Hall (Arizona) and Mike Hoffman (Florida), and goalies Robin Lehner (Vegas) and Braden Holtby (Washington) are among the big names available.

Love the addition of Taylor Hall in the list. Why not?

Around the NHL

Inside stories of Michael Jordan’s time as an NHL owner - ESPN

In the pantheon of Jordan’s achievements, his brief stint as a minority owner of the Capitals from 2000 to ‘01 doesn’t merit as much attention as six NBA titles, five MVP awards or a starring role in a movie with Bugs Bunny. But it happened, and according to those who witnessed it, Air Jordan actually had an impact as a hockey boss, albeit indirectly.

Pretty good lengthy story here on Jordan’s time with the Caps.