Quick Hits: The Not Playing in the NHL Edition

In Red Wings Land

Per protocols, Bertuzzi is ineligible to return for 10 days after symptoms onset (meaning he has symptoms) and must be at least 24 hours clear of them.

In terms of the way the protocol is written, it seems that Bertuzzi can be suspended without pay (and without cap hit) for the entire time he’s in the protocol because he’s unvaccinated. However, by the way the protocol is written, if Bertuzzi can show that he was following the protocol to the letter and the “balance of the probabilities” is that he caught it from Danny DeKeyser as part of the course of his employment as a hockey player, then the Wings wouldn’t be able to suspend him.

Around the League

Evander Kane denies rift with San Jose Sharks teammates, says he ‘didn’t lose any sleep’ over gambling probe - ESPN

“I don’t think you’re going to have a group of people for 150 or 160 days get along perfectly, but I think there’s been a misconception of the entire team or multiple players,” he said. “It’s funny: I had my end of the year meeting last year and it was all positive, positive, positive. But apparently something happened over the summer that I wasn’t aware of. It was all new to me and news to me. It was interesting.”

That said, Kane hasn’t spoken with any Sharks teammates over the past month.

“No, I’ve been doing my own thing. Getting myself prepared, handling my business. As I’m sure they have,” he said.

Sounds like they’re all great buddies, huh?