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Quick Hits: The Not Sharp Edition

In Red Wings Land

Well Oscar Möller is on the shit-list.

That’s a heck of a goal by a non-Wings guy but I put it up here because.. well it’s a heck of a goal but also because you’ll see #48 in that video is Jonatan Berggren.  I feel we share all the good stuff we’re seeing but I wanted to remind folks we’re in a learning process here.  Berggren’s job is covering the point and this is mostly a terrible play by his teammate Jonathan Johnson (#22) who has the puck stolen from him and then can’t chase his man down. But, you can see Berggren is in position to step in after looking and being in position to recognize that his man is hopelessly lost on this play and he gives up the space for a high danger chance in order to protect a much lower-percentage spot.

But hey, it’s not all bad.

Around the NHL

NHL Team Values 2020: Hockey’s First Decline In Two Decades – Forbes

The result: The average NHL team value has fallen 2%, to $653 million, the first decline since 2001. Revenue for the league totaled $4.4 billion during the 2019-20 season, 14% less than the previous year. Operating income was $250 million, down 68%. That’s left many owners scrambling for a lifeline.

As always, these numbers should be taken with a huge grain of salt. Much of the information Forbes is able to gather on what the teams are worth and what their expenses are have been provided by the teams themselves, who each have individual financial incentives to creatively report. These aren’t publicly-traded companies so what’s known about their books tends to skew pretty heavily to what they want known.

That said, imagine somebody accuses you of “scrambling for a lifeline” while owning something they value at $285 million.  We should all be so destitute.

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