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Quick Hits: The Old Friends Edition

In Red Wings Land

Mo was telling him to go get his shinebox.

Ex-Red Wing Marty Pavelich skiing at 95, honored by Montana rink naming – MLive

“I’ve been here 30-some years in the northern part of our country and no hockey. I said this is ridiculous,” Pavelich said. “I called the local sportswriter, took him to lunch and said how about writing something about hockey? He started writing about hockey and now we got two enclosed rinks in Bozeman and over 1,000 kids playing hockey and the same thing happened here. I thought we got to give these kids an opportunity.”

Around the League

Nathan MacKinnon “to miss some time” – Mile High Hockey

MacKinnon tweaked his leg during a shot from the point that looked as if it caused him some discomfort. However, he was ruled out with an upper-body injury and took a hit from Scott Laughton before he took the shot. The hit took him into the dashers in front of the Flyers’ bench around the rib area.

Probably not enough time to come back just in time for the playoffs… PROBABLY

Kaplan: Jason Robertson’s superstar rise, trade targets and other rumblings around NHL – ESPN

Robertson told us if we wanted to experience an authentic summer day with him, we’d have to show up early. He typically arrived at the rink before the sun came up, getting his first skating session in at 6 a.m. A week prior, the Red Hot Chili Peppers were playing at Comerica Park. As a rock fan, Robertson wanted to go — but decided against it. He knew if he stayed out late, it would mess up his skating session the next morning.

Oh sure, any excuse to skip out on a Red Hot Chili Peppers show.

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