Quick Hits: The Open Sky Edition

Friday was kind of a slow news day.

In Red Wings Land

No longer live, but you can watch the recorded talk with your favorites. I like the part where they talk and have a good time.

Around the League

Colin Campbell breaks down criteria for possible NHL hub cities - Sportsnet

Seems the NHL is leading towards Canada for a few reasons, part of it being the exchange rate of the Canadian dollar right now. Part of it being some strange comparison that I guess works:

“There’s a number of criteria,” Campbell said. “Is it a friendly hub? What state is friendly? What province is friendly? What are they dealing with (in terms of COVID-19 cases)? Obviously, you look at the New York area, it’s not very friendly and you look at Alberta, that seems fairly friendly.”

I would obviously call Alberta more friendly than New York, but c’mon...