Quick Hits: The Out With the Old, In With the Old Edition

In Red Wings Land

Mike Babcock learned nothing from allegations of verbal abuse

The Athletic interview with Babcock was infuriating, for reasons laid out in this article.
Nowhere in the interview does Babcock apologize to Franzen for his words, nor does he acknowledge that his behavior was abusive. In some tremendous double speak, he hints that he’s actually the aggrieved party in all this.

Incredible how much of a pass LeBrun gives Babcock after this a year ago.


Moritz Seider woke up Tuesday morning and chose violence.

Around the NHL

NHL pulling faulty pucks with tracking tech
The NHL announced that it will stop using pucks with imbedded tracking technology for the foreseeable future due to complaints about their performance during the start of the 2021 season.

This is very clearly why Detroit had such trouble making passes in their first game.