Quick Hits: The Predicting Rebuild Edition

Apparently that’s what Lalonde means. Correct me if you know better.

In Red Wings Land

Ken Kal predicts who the Red Wings will take with the 8th overall pick - Red Wings

I don’t know if Cutter Gauthier falls to us or if I specifically want to take a kid who doesn’t project to make the league in the next 2-3 years.  I also don’t know if that’s necessarily true of Gauthier.  Cutter is a cool name though.

Around the League

Bowness hired as Jets coach - NHL

“We’ve pushed the players hard all year to get into the playoffs,” Bowness said. “This is tough league and tough to get in the playoffs. We had 98 points, we got in and it was a [heck] of a series with Calgary. But there comes a point I think, man, we pushed this team as hard as we can, as far as we can and maybe it needs a new voice. So it came to the point where, did I go in and ask for an extension? No. Do they offer an extension? No. So I think both sides kind of agreed, OK, it’s time for a divorce, which, that’s the business. No problem with that whatsoever.

Well he’ll get the opportunity to be in charge of a desperately needed Jets rebuild.

It’s been a weird week with what might have been a trial balloon floated by the organization that has turned into a lot of “it’s mutual, no he wants out, no they want him gone, no it’s mutual” kind of reporting.

I don’t know what the truth is about Puljujarvi and the apparent end to his run with Edmonton is but it seems he should be a guy the Wings could buy low on and I’m down with the concept.