Quick Hits: The Still Fighting Battles Edition

In Red Wings Land

This was all over yesterday but I don’t want anybody to have missed the opportunity to see this is upcoming.  Legit chills at the end of this promo.

Speaking of that...

New law puts NHL great Vladimir Konstantinov’s 24/7 care in jeopardy - Sportsnet

Although the law lowered Michigan car insurance premiums to a degree and led the state to issue $400 per-vehicle refunds during an election year, it left Konstantinov and others like him facing the prospect of losing the constant care they need. Reimbursements for certain post-acute services under the new law were reduced to 55% of 2019 levels, which home care agencies say is financially unsustainable.

“We’re carrying approximately $200,000 in (losses) on Vlad’s case alone,’’ said Theresa Ruedisueli, regional director of operations for Arcadia Home Care & Staffing, which provides Konstantinov’s home care.

If the company can’t care for Konstantinov without losing more money, it plans to discharge him as a client on June 1.

Another thing that I know most Red Wings fans were already aware of but that Sportsnet is also covering it helps spread the word.

Around the League

How trade deadline moves have panned out for NHL playoff teams - Yahoo

While the Blues did pay a pretty penny for Leddy, he has been a horse. He’s third among Blues defensemen in time on ice, but the fourth defenseman on this list – Niko Mikkola – is playing six fewer minutes per game than him. He has five points in eight playoff games. They are in the second round and giving the Avalanche a real run for their money. Leddy is a UFA after the season so if they could bring him back on a discounted deal that would solidify it as a win, but the trade has generally worked out. If they go any further, it’s a slam dunk no matter what.

Dallas and Los Angeles didn’t fare as well, but they also aren’t as good as the Blues.