Quick Hits: The T-Shirt Cannon Edition

In Detroit Land

Have you ever wanted to shoot a t-shirt cannon? Well, here’s your chance. The deadline to apply for the Red Wings Red Patrol is today.

Around the NHL

Five experienced NHLers who could need training camp to score deals - TheHockeyNews
Now that he’s locked in for a couple of campaigns in Edmonton, though, Chiasson won’t have to worry about taking the same tack to land an NHL gig next season. Others, however, won’t be so lucky. There are several players who are prime candidates to enter training camps looking to land contracts, including these five notable veterans:

Red Wings fans will recognize at least one name on this list.

Playoff Quiz | NHL.com
The quiz starts off easy and gets harder (at least in my opinion). If you can get 15 out of 15, I hereby award you 100 WIIM points that are just as good as legal currency, except you can’t spend them anywhere.

Bonus Article

Tour de France: Teamwork, race tactics, and support staff explained - SBNation.com
But don’t fooled. Cycling is about much more than pure physical effort. Yellow jersey contenders need teammates to make sure they use their energy as efficiently as possible while climbing some of the biggest mountains in the world. And in perhaps no other sport are the support staff — the team directors, soigneurs, mechanics, and chefs — so critically important to the mission, too.

Every Tour de France team is an intricate machine that could collapse if any part of it fails.

Yes, I know that this article doesn’t have anything to do with hockey, but I thought it was a really interesting read about a sport that I am aware of but know very little about. I thought some readers might be interested too.