Quick Hits: The Taking Sides Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings Wrap-Up: Zadina focuses on positives in fourth NHL season - RedWings.com

“There were some ups and downs this season for sure, but I’m not taking any pressure to put on my shoulders,” Zadina said. “I just wanna play the sport I’ve been playing since I was a little kid.”

I’d rather chew this quote for six straight days than keep worrying about a coaching hire we’re not going to hear for another two weeks.  I’m just glad Tortorella is off the table.

Around the League

Montreal got a real player for Vegas to not have to worry about being able to screw with the cap.  That’s a good deal for these sides.  Not really a fit for Detroit in having pulled a deal like this, but I’m envious from a deal standpoint while also being extremely relieved that Shea Weber will never be a Red Wing.