Quick Hits: The Technological Improvements Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings boast No. 1-ranked NHL/AHL affiliation since Ilitch era - The Detroit News

“Based on his body of work, Dave Andrews should be elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame,” said Devellano, who was inducted into the hall of fame in 2010.

“He turned out to be a great administrator and learned how to work with diverse ownership groups, some owned by NHL teams, some owned privately. Now everybody is doing the Red Wings-Islanders model but it wasn’t always that way. Until someone comes up with a better idea, the AHL will always be vital and necessary.”

Hard to disagree with Jimmy D on this one.

Around the NHL

NHL hockey is back, and its TV-only game is sports biggest Covid challenge - CNBC

Imagine Sidney Crosby streaking down the ice chasing a digitally enhanced puck with a trail, trying to create a scoring opportunity. As he gains momentum, a graphic of his speed appears above his head. Once Crosby reaches the puck, a gray circle appears beneath his skates, marking possession, while a visualization on-screen shows he’s not offsides.

This is the fun when a mainstream outlet starts talking about hockey from outside the diehard circle because this sounds a whole lot like “imagine if watching hockey were like watching an EA Sports game with the best graphics yet.”

I don’t know. I don’t hate it. I can tell you that I was a fan who grew an appreciation for the game through the television and I do feel like an outlier in that I found value in the now-hokey Foxtrax glow puck that’s essentially the horse-and-buggy predecessor to all the ideas talked about in this article. I’ve seen some of the experiments with additional tracking and I can say that while I don’t think it adds a lot of value to my experience personally, it also doesn’t detract. If this can help others enjoy the game, then let’s do it.