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Quick Hits: The Ticket Refund Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings offering ticket options, including refunds, for 2019-20 remaining home games – WXYZ.com

Season ticket holders, called Winged Wheel Nation members, have the option to keep funds in their account and put them towards the 2020-21 season. The Tigers recently announced a similar policy. The Red Wings, like the Tigers, are giving fans who choose that option a 30% bonus credit. This also applies to partial plan holders.

Red Wings’ Jeff Blashill encourages high school seniors in De La Salle video – Mlive

“Covid-19 has brought unprecedented times to our doorstep and has robbed you of some great life experiences, but turbulence is part of life and no doubt you will face it in your future,” Blashill said in the video. “The question you have to answer then, as you do now, is when you get knocked down, will you get back up? The greatest people in our history all have one thing in common: They faced incredible hardships and had a choice to make. They chose to persevere and always get back up. I urge you to do the same.”

I like this quote.

Around the NHL

NHL looking at 8-9 sites as options to restart season, Commissioner says – NHL.com

The Commissioner said the NHL would need to resolve border and quarantine issues to reconvene the players, 17 percent of whom are outside North America, the rest of whom are spread around the continent.

If the NHL uses centralized locations, it probably would need the ability to play multiple games per day without fans. NHL arenas are best suited for that because of their back-of-the-house facilities, such as multiple locker rooms that can be sanitized as teams move in and out.

It’s not really anything new but it’s being said on May 18th, so it’s newsworthy

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