Quick Hits: The Wait and See Edition

In Red Wings Land

Halt to season has been an education for Red Wings’ Jonathan Bernier and his family

Many of you know that my day-to-day job is a high school English teacher. I have to be honest and say that distance learning sucks. I know many of you are adjusting to the temporary new normal, where you have your child “working from home.”

It’s really hard for everyone involved. This article does a good job of showing a little bit of that with Jonathan Bernier’s family as well as looking at how it affects his job as a professional athlete. We as humans don’t do very well with uncertainty, and everything is so uncertain at this point.
When the schooling is done, Bernier returns to the business of hockey, although that situation is just as complicated and frustrating.

Bernier has heard this week’s rumor about the regular season resuming in July with pod cities hosting each of the NHL’s four divisions. But until more is known, Bernier isn’t pinning his hopes on anything.

“I get that question a lot, ‘Are you guys going to play?’” Bernier said. “We don’t really know. Is it worth it to play without fans? What is the right scenario? The health of everyone (is most important).

Around the NHL

Super 16: Orr, Karlsson among best defensemen of expansion era

I actually hate ranking lists as a rule. I personally would put Lidstrom over Orr, but I can 100% see the argument for Orr. Even though you are limiting the players to the expansion era here, you’re still comparing players from different decades, and I think that’s a really hard thing to do.

I like to look at these lists as “here’s a bunch of really good players and what made/makes them so special.

I’m warning you ahead of time not to look at the individual ballots. I know you will anyway, but just....don’t do it.
Bobby Orr was the unanimous No. 1.

Things got interesting in the rankings this week after the great No. 4 for the Boston Bruins.

Nicklas Lidstrom edged Ray Bourque by two voting points for No. 2. Six points separated Larry Robinson at No. 4, Paul Coffey at No. 5 and Denis Potvin at No. 6.