Quick Hits: The What-Are-the-Odds Edition

In Red Wings Land

Ouch: Red Wings with worst odds to win Stanley Cup, their division - ClickonDetroit

The Red Wings are listed at +20000 (money line) odds to win the Stanley Cup in the 2020-21 season by BetOnline.ag. That means if you bet $100 on the Red Wings and they somehow won Lord Stanley’s Cup this season you would cash out $20,000. Good luck!

BetOnline also has the NHL division futures set — the Red Wings have the worst odds, out of any team, for winning their division: +2500. Detroit will be playing in the realigned Central Division (Carolina, Columbus, Dallas, Detroit, Chicago, Florida, Nashville, Tampa) for this pandemic-stricken season.

What?!  Why?

(*note: I know why. Please do not explain it to me)

Around the NHL

Kucherov being on LTIR for the entire regular season essentially allows the Bolts to run with a $91M salary cap. If it’s timed JUST RIGHT, that would allow them to bring Kucherov back from the playoffs.

The fun part of the conspiracy theory is that there’s juuuuust enough in here to feed plausibility as to why the Lightning would want their best player to have a convenient injury that removes him from the entire regular season.  It’s not hard to imagine Tampa will still end up top four in this division and it’s not like they have to worry about lost gate revenue from missing Kucherov.

I’m not tinfoil-hatting this, but I’m also not going to fight people who want to believe.