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Quick Hits: The Where’s Jack Edition

In Red Wings Land

New best friend gives Red Wings’ Zadina a lift during dog days of season – MLive

So, he bought a puppy, a Staffordshire bull terrier from England named Jack, and his new best friend lifted his spirits while he rehabbed from the injury.

“I’ve seen guys with pups at the apartment building,” Zadina said. “We (he and his girlfriend) were thinking about one for a long time. All of a sudden, we just decided to get one. I think it’s one of the best decisions we made so far. It’s been fun.”

How are you going to get this info from Zadina and not share a goldarn picture?  Amateur hour bullshit.

What’s the most likely outcome in Red Wings-Dylan Larkin contract talks? – MLive

Nobody has ever made a living predicting what Yzerman will do. But signing Larkin to an eight-year deal for around $8.5 million per season could be the end result.

I’m picking on Ansar today because I wanted to see the puppy and he didn’t deliver.  If I had a federal grant, I’d like to go back and track all of these milquetoast contract predictions Khan(!) has made over the last decade just to see the closest he’s ever gotten to on-the-nose.   I bet he’s done better than this before.

Around the League

Just to clarify, they didn’t say he reported anything untrue.

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