Red Wings at Devils: Rank 'Em!

The Red Wings finished their season series against the Devils on Monday night; hopefully nobody died of boredom in the process. Fortunately, the Wings won thanks to a first period Larkin breakaway goal.

Quick Thoughts

  • Luke Glendening had a really good game.
  • It's weird to think of how New Jersey plays such an aggressive forecheck to set up such an absolutely boring game. Their plan is to create turnovers just to prove they did it, I guess.
  • Just take a moment to go back to the Larkin goal. Wrap yourself in its beauty. Bask in its warmth. Bathe in its glory. Gargle in its effervescence. Let's get weird. /

Now we need you to vote for the players you liked and disliked in this game. If you thought a guy did a good job, then give him a thumbs up. Give a thumbs down for a bad job done, and don't give any thumbs if you were neutral on the guy (since we count those as neutral). Thanks!

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