Red Wings at Lightning: Rank 'Em!

The Wings played their first game in eight days against the Lightning, I think.

Quick Thoughts

  • Val Filppula has really turned into quite the cheater. The last time somebody did stuff that dirty with a stick, Donatello and Splinter couldn't make eye contact for a month.
  • If the Bolts have a parents' trip like the Wings do, I look forward to seeing the fishbowl they lug around everywhere for Tyler Johnson's parents.
  • I spent a majority of this game wanting to see the Red Wings throw punches at people. No idea why. Guess I care enough about the Lightning to hate them now. We'll see if that lasts. /

Now we need you to vote on the players. Give a thumbs up for the guys who did a good job and a thumbs down for the scrubs. No vote equals neutral, which we count, so use your thumbs judiciously!

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