Red Wings at Predators: Rank 'Em!

Happy Boxing Day or whatever. Wings win!

Quick Thoughts

  • I still don't miss Jonathan Ericsson.
  • The midseason grind is here as teams make games boring because winning hockey games all season is hard. Nashville grinds it out very well.
  • The helmets are bad, the awful shade of yellow is bad, and the collegiate cheers that they run from the stands are quaint. Nashville owns how tacky they are like Hooters. /

Now we need you to give thumbs to people to let your feelings out. It's a good thing. Don't hide your feelings. You keep those bottled in and they'll rot inside you and make you a bad person. Thumbs up for good and thumbs up for bad. Don't fake your feelings though. If you don't have any rustling in your jimmies about a player, just leave the thumbs alone with him. Neutral votes are important to us too.

Detroit Red Wings Coach