Development Camp Scrimmage Highlights

We've already talked about some of the events in the first and what players stood out and made an impression, now it's time to see some video and get a better picture of how things happened.

Click here for the team rosters and numbers.


The Game

Team Lindsay pulled out the regulation win by a score of 6-5 and a complimentary shootout followed.

1st Period

Team Lindsay: Adam Marsh (unassisted)

Team Howe: Sheldon Dries PPG (Kevin Lidstrom)

Team Lindsay: Alex Globke PPG (Unasissted)

Team Lindsay: Jerome Verrier (Pat Holway)

2nd Period

Team Howe: Anthony Mantha PPG (Tyler Bertuzzi, Dominic Turgeon)

Team Lindsay: Adam Marsh (Joe Hicketts, Pat Holoway)

Team Lindsay: Christoffer Ehn (Chase Pearson)

Team Howe: Tyler Bertuzzi (Anthony Mantha)

Team Howe: Connor McGlynn (James de Haas)

Team Howe: Dominic Turgeon (Evan Polie, Marc McNulty)

Team Lindsay: Jerome Verrier (Chase Pearson, Chase Perry)

The Shootout

Team Howe: Alex Kile (no goal on Jake Paterson)

Team Lindsay: Axel Holmstrom (goal on Tomas Kral)

Team Howe: Tyler Bertuzzi (goal on Paterson)

Team Lindsay: Dylan Larkin (no goal on Kral)

Team Howe: Anthony Mantha (no goal on Joren Van Pottelberghe)

Team Lindsay:Evgeny Svechnikov (goal on Kral)

Team Howe: Dominic Turgeon (no goal on Van Pottelberghe)

Team Lindsay: Joe Hicketts (no goal on Kral)

Team Howe: Julius Vahatalo (goal on Paterson)

Team Lindsay: Pat Holoway (no goal on Kral)

Team Howe: Zach Nastasiuk (goal on Paterson)

Team Lindsay: Tyson Spink (no goal on Chase Perry)

Team Howe: Hampus Melen (no goal on Van Pottelberghe)

Team Lindsay: Alex Globke (goal on Perry)

Team Howe: Bryce Gervais (no goal on Van Pottelberghe)

Team Lindsay: Jerome Verrier (goal on Perry)

Team Howe: Sheldon Dries (no goal on Paterson)

Team Lindsay: Travis Walsh (no goal on Perry)

Team Howe: Anthony Greco (no goal on Van Pottelberghe)

Team Lindsay: Adam Lidstrom (no goal on Perry)