Gustav Nyquist and Tomas Tatar lift Red Wings To a Shootout Win

The dreaded shootout. Every Red Wings fan's nightmare, right? Not after the boys in red topped the Chicago Blackhawks 3-2 in a shootout thriller on Wednesday night. It was a game where Detroit was largely outplayed most of the night, but they came out with the W on a strong game from Jimmy Howard, Tomas Tatar, and Darren Helm. I have some gifts for you all.. More like GIFts! (GIFs courtesy of yours truly)

First up, Gustav Nyquist burns Corey Crawford on his signature backhand through the five-hole. I think Crawford's reaction is great, because he is mad. Can't tell if he's mad that Goose scored, or because he fell like a sack of potatoes.

Now the main event. Tomas Tatar undresses Crawford on a Patrick Kane like move, and buries the biscuit in the basket with a slick backhand. It was a thing of beauty. Here look at it.. Watch it.. Love it.. Take it out on a nice date, and please call it back for a second date.

Big win for the Wings after dropping a couple. It wasn't a pretty win, seeing that they were outshot most of the night.. But at this point of the season, a win is a win. Stick-taps to Jimmy Howard on performing well all game, and standing tall in the shootout. Great way to start a road-trip. Let's keep it going. Winning rules. The Wings are awesome. I am awesome. You are all awesome.