Red Wings Prospects Julius Vahatalo, Axel Holmstrom Score Identical Goals In Champions League

Thanks to the great work from @Slapshotg0al, we got some great footage of Red Wings prospects Axel Holmstrom, and Julius Vahatalo scoring nifty goals in the Champions Hockey League. The coolest thing? Both goals were nearly identical. I captured them in GIF form, all footage credit goes to Michelle, of course. But, here you go! Check it out:

Vahatalo's goal:

Holmstrom's goal:


While we all know that Axel Holmstrom is destined to end up in North America playing with the Griffins once his season in Europe has come to a close, the status on Julius Vahatalo remains to be seen. He's a skilled two-way player, who has an exceptional shot with lethal accuracy. I wouldn't be surprised if the Wings gave him a look once he's finished playing in Europe this year.