Red Wings Select Adam Marsh at 200th overall in the 2015 NHL Draft

SUNRISE, FLA -- With the 200th overall pick, the Red Wings select winger Adam Marsh of the St. John's Seadogs.

From Future Considerations:

Marsh is a very smart, high energy guy. He seems to be able to fill any role offensively that the coach asks. Does not have great hands, as he loses the puck at times making a deke, but enough skills where he can control it on the rush. He possesses great speed and even better acceleration. He has a second gear with the puck and can go zero to 60 with the puck in a blink of an eye. He anticipates the play very well and even though he is not able to make every play he intends to make, he always knows the right play to make. His shot is pretty good, when he gets it off. Very slow shot release when he tries to get power behind it. He is very responsible defensively. He makes good defensive reads and closes off lanes with his body and stick. Marsh is the type of versatile player that every team needs to succeed. He is a role player, but he does not fit into just one role. He can fit anywhere the coach needs him. We get the impression that he has a pretty low ceiling offensively, but could be a solid complementary piece to a secondary scoring line or in a defensive role at the next level.

Update: The story of how Marsh ended up with the Saint John Sea Dogs (excerpt below):

"It's kind of a miracle," Ramona Marsh said. "I still don't quite understand how it happened."

A year ago, many in the sport had written off her son as more trouble than his skills were worth. That assessment killed his chances to play in the Ontario Hockey League, the Canadian major junior league that has territorial rights over players from the Midwest.

Attention deficit issues had frustrated Adam Marsh at Hinsdale Central. He left the Chicago Young Americans Midget AAA team twice last fall, the second time for good, over friction with the coach.

"School rubbed him the wrong way," Ramona Marsh said. "Hockey rubbed him the wrong way. He really wanted to quit hockey completely. Now he is shining."Based on projections, this is a steal of a pick, getting Marsh in the seventh round.

Adam Marsh is eligible for the NHL draft this spring, and NHL Central Scouting announced Thursday it had given him a "B" rating, meaning a potential second- or third-round pick. Whether selected or not, he probably would spend two more years with the Sea Dogs.
"I think he has NHL talent," Smith said. "He has taken that step forward this year and put himself in a position to be an NHL player."
Yates agrees, provided Marsh remains dedicated to improving his defense and positioning and to adding more size and strength during the offseason.Update #2: Marsh's season ended sooner than everyone wanted it to. He still was among the team leaders in goals.

A day later, Marsh’s ability to participate fully in the combine was compromised.
He sustained a high ankle sprain during a game, when his foot caught in the end boards and a Halifax player fell on him.Update #3: A prospect profile written from a Colorado Avalanche perspective, but packed with valuable insights that solidify the overall analysis of Marsh: a project pick.

If Marsh slips to the 4th or 5th round, the Avs should start thinking about pulling the trigger. At this portion of the draft, you can take a chance on a player who will need some patient love and care to reach the NHL. I feel like good teams find these types of players late in the draft — complex mixtures of potential and pitfalls — and with a little luck, coax the attributes they want to the forefront to create impactful NHL players.
A lot of ifs need to turn into realities for Marsh, but you can’t deny his potential to be a goal scorer in the NHL someday.This story is developing, more will be available shortly.