Red Wings select Albin Grewe with no. 66 pick in 2019 NHL Draft

I am jumping up and down.

Here’s what we know:


Position: C/RW
Shoots: L
Born: Mar 22, 2001
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 187


GP: 25, G: 13, A: 21 Djurgårdens IF J20 (Superelit)
GP: 18, G: 5, A: 4 Sweden U18 (all) (International Jr.)

Prashanth’s Model


What are other people saying?

Here’s what Future Considerations says:

Ranked 40th: A confident offensive winger, Greve is an explosive skater who needs only a handful of strides to reach his top speed. His game revolves around speed to go with his aggressive style of play and attacking. His speed coupled with his solid playmaking ability allows him to be create on odd-man rushes. He understands the game at a high level and displays good hockeyIQ, except for a penchant for taking bad penalties. He loves to get under the skin of opponents, but needs to ensure he stays disciplined and stayed out of the box. Often gets involved after whistle in scrums and other chirpings. He’s difficult to move off the puck when in stride and protects the puck well due to his strength. He also possesses a deceptively heavy wrist shot, which makes him a dangerous shooter who surprises goaltenders with a quick release. He plays a simple game and doesn’t panic when facing physical pressure. He can be counted on to play a physical style of hockey and is aggressive on the forecheck. He recognizes the importance of playing his role in the defensive structure, but needs to improve in his own end to truly be considered a great a two-way player. Sometimes he wants to make the big hit and it puts him out of position in his own end. He is someone who comes to the rink to compete and rarely takes a shift off.

Here’s what The Draft Analyst says:

Ranked 50th: Some fans in the Boston area might say that it’s impossible to clone uberpest Brad Marchand. But no draft eligible can irritate, annoy and infuriate in a Marchand-esque way like Grewe, who has the skill and the hands to back up his pestiferousness. There are two types of “dirty” players -- the one who breaks every rule in the book and the other being a hard-nosed, lunchpail type who does a lot of heavy lifting for his coach. Grewe is most certainly the latter, and if he played baseball, he would have his pockets full of infield dirt by the second inning. Grewe is a strong skater with excellent balance who takes the puck inside with authority and confidence. He is a two-way forward of the throwback variety because he applies relentless pressure on the forcecheck and is physical during the PK. Additionally, Grewe finishes his checks on defensemen, and he’s next to impossible to knock off the puck once he collects it off the turnover his pressure created. Grewe is shifty and quick with a strong lower body and leg drive that helps him knock down bigger opponents. He’s one of the draft’s best penalty killers, but his two-way play and effort should not be considered his way of compensating for a lack of puck skills -- Grewe is an open-ice threat with keen vision and quick release on his shot. He is one of the few kids in this draft who is willing to pay any price for going into the rink’s most dangerous areas.

Patrik Bexell from Habs Eyes On the Prize has a great write-up on Grewe.

Quick Analysis

I am so happy with this pick at this slot. Grewe is a player I’ve talked to a lot of people about leading up to the draft, and I love what I have been hearing. He’s fast, explosive, aggressive, and a good playmaker. He’s also a strong physical player. In my opinion, this is a fantastic pick at 66.

Also, his last name is pronounced Grave-uh (or very close to that approximation).