Red Wings sign Bobby Ryan to Try-Out

The veteran will be at Wings camp trying to stay healthy

Some news just ahead of Thursday’s start to the Red Wings’ training camp as they’ve brought a familiar face in to compete for a spot:

The 34-year old Ryan joined Detroit last season on a one-year $1M contract.  After a strong start to the 2020-21 season he faded into and end with 14 points (7 goals) in just 33 games played before his season was finished by injury.

Ryan stated on several occasions that he would like to remain with the Wings but went unsigned during the free agency period. Now that he’s on a professional try-out with Detroit, he can join their training camp and start working towards showing he can be healthy and productive.

I like this move for Detroit because it gives them the flexibility to bring Ryan on board but also sends a message not just to Ryan that there’s a competition for spots in the lineup and that nothing is handed out.  If Ryan can’t win a competition for a spot, the team can end his try out and he’ll remain a free agent.

The benefit to Ryan of doing this is that it does earn him his camp per diem and accomodations as though he is a veteran player (because he is). There’s also a modicum of health and training protection for being with the team.  Finally, Ryan has the ability to end his own PTO by signing with any NHL team.

Ultimately I’ve liked Ryan’s attitude since he’s been in Detroit and I’m rooting for him to succeed.  As always, I tend to root for what makes the team better and I’m looking forward to Ryan having the chance to show he’s one of those things.