Red Wings vs. Devils: Rank 'Em!

The Red Wings went down 3-0 in a first period where they generally outplayed the Devils. The night got dumber from there. Wings lose.

Quick Thoughts

Justin Abdelkader took a lot of penalties in this game. I was ok with one of them, but the guy's got to rein in his brain a bit better.

Two goalies to vote on tonight! This is going to get ugly.

Merry Christmas to your thumbs. I'm guessing not a lot of neutral votes in this one.

Now we need you to vote for the players you liked and disliked in this game. If you thought a guy did a good job, then give him a thumbs up. Give a thumbs down for a bad job done, and don't give any thumbs if you were neutral on the guy (since we count those as neutral). Thanks!

Detroit Red Wings Coach