Red Wings vs. Lightning: Rank 'Em!

The Wings welcomed Tampa back into town for another Tuesday visit. this time, the Bolts weren't coming off a prior day matinee, so they were a bit better rested, though both teams have struggled lately. It was a pretty closely-fought game all-in-all, but Detroit was the better team and that showed in the fact that they won the game 2-1.

Quick Thoughts

  • I like the defensive pairings that they've got going on.
  • Steven Stamkos was very grabby in this game.
  • FSD's low corner camera angle that they use on the power play is bad and dumb and they won't stop doing it. /

Now it's time to give 'em all you've got in the rankings. We run a simple thumbs up / thumbs down / don't vote system here. If you were thrilled with a guy, shove that thumb up in the air. If you wanted that guy to get the fuck off the ice, then drive that thumb into the ground. If your only thought about him is "meh," then please just abstain from voting for that one guy and move on. Thanks!

Detroit Red Wings Coach