REPORT: Dylan Larkin removed from game Tuesday night due to positive COVID-19 test

The Red Wings removed Dylan Larkin from Tuesday night’s game in Dallas due to COVID-19 protocol. Wednesday morning, we caught word that it was because of a positive PCR test.

Per NHL protocols, fully-vaccinated players are tested at least every 72 hours, with results available within 24 hours of collection. The NHL’s COVID-19 protocol also states that anyone who receives a positive test result on the road is subject to an in-hotel quarantine. That means Larkin could potentially be stuck in a Dallas hotel room until he tests negative and is cleared by league officials.

It’s not clear if Larkin is symptomatic, but we can only assume he isn’t if he were able to play Tuesday night. The NHL will now perform contact tracing with the rest of the team.

You can read more about the NHL’s COVID-19 protocol here.