SB Nation NHL FanPulse: The Reconfidence Edition

Welcome to the new FanPulse results!  You sign up for the FanPulse project, they send you questions to answer, and we collect all that beautiful data to share back with you.

We’re revisiting the question gauging fan confidence in the team’s direction from a couple weeks ago and I think the results make a lot of sense given what’s happened since then (even if I’m still riding a completely silly high from completing the season sweep on ANYBODY let alone Montreal).

Question 1

For the people who demand the raw numbers, that chart is a drop from 87% to 80%

With the worry about other teams making moves and Detroit not selling anybody while generally stagnating, a 7% drop in overall confidence isn’t so bad. Let’s look at the fanbases that were in comparable spots last time and how they fared

Comparables: Islanders +5%, Jets -7%, Maple Leafs 0%, Rangers +1%, Wild +12% (Fewer than 10 votes), Oilers -8%, Flames +8%

That’s a 6% drop for the fanbase that’s seen the longest playoff drought in the NHL.

Comparables: Sharks +3%, Ducks -11%

From the single-lowest score last time around to the single-biggest gain. The 26% leap is nice considering the Preds couldn’t have gotten any lower but it’s fun because nothing has really changed for them.

Comparables: None

This one is hilarious to me because I said last time around I didn’t understand why Kings fans were so confident in the direction of their team. They didn’t have anywhere to go but down and saw the 2nd-biggest drop in fan confidence, but the moves the Kings have made recently make me personally more confident in their direction so lol.

Comparables: Bruins -6%, Panthers -26% (hahaha), Flyers -1%, Blues -27% (hahaha), Penguins -2%, Lightning -6%, Canucks -Still at 100%, Capitals -29% (hahaha), Hurricanes -25%, Avalanche -1%

[makes whistling and bomb exploding noises]

There’s a big ol’ drop in confidence for you. Chicago went down 40% from 60 to 20. You hate to see it.

Comparables: Devils -41% (biggest drop), Golden Knights -14%, Stars +15%, Canadiens +12%,

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