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SB Nation NHL FanPulse: The Where-are-We-Headed Edition

Welcome to the new FanPulse results!  If it’s been too long and the hangover has driven the memory from your brain, here’s the rundown. You sign up for the FanPulse project, they send you questions to answer, and we collect all that beautiful data to share back with you.

This time around, we’re starting up the questions about fan confidence in the direction of their team. I suppose we’d be looking pretty differently had this been asked after the last three games, but alas…

At least it should be interesting to see future weeks’ results contrasting.

Question 1

Of course, there’s a fair bit of wiggle room in how to read into this question and despite the team’s woes through the current season, they realize they’re in a rebuild and are generally acting right within that framework.

I want to highlight a few other teams. You’ll be able to hop around the network to see full results (made easier by checking the supergroup at the top of this article), but check these out:

Comparables: Islanders, Jets, Maple Leafs, Rangers, Wild, Oilers, Flames

With the recent talk about the team that’s missed the playoffs nine straight seasons and how tired the fans are getting of it, this is no real surprise, but it’s scary to see a team that’s been rebuilding and has even won a draft lottery in this situation.

Comparables: Sharks, Ducks

This is the single-lowest score of the teams that got enough votes to count. It’s easy to see the panic here as the appearance the Preds might have missed their window and aren’t currently working towards rebuilding but may just be spinning their tires.

Comparables: None

I’ve got to tell you I don’t really get this.

Comparables: Bruins, Panthers, Flyers, Blues, Penguins, Lightning, Canucks, Capitals, Hurricanes, Avalanche

This one makes a lot of sense because I don’t know if they’re too hopeful or not hopeful enough. The Hawks are close to getting out from under the suck but they need some things to hit.

Comparables: Devils, Golden Knights, Stars, Canadiens,

We’ll be getting out our next round of questions to folks soon to keep the project going all season. If you’re interested in taking part of the voting, you can sign up here:

NHL FanPulse Sign Up Form

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