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The Streak is Over: Kraken 4 – Wings 2

Game #300 for both Bert and Hronek.

First Period

The first few shifts are all Red Wings with Grubauer giving up some big rebounds early. Took the Kraken a little while to get themselves coordinated but they evened out the pace 5 minutes in. Refs keep to themselves as both sides have gotten away with a few borderline hits.

Scary scramble around Husso where the puck manages not to cross the line, thank you Määttä and Oesterle.

It’s looking more like third-period hockey, both teams are flying. The Wings start to fall off a bit in the latter half of the period but still playing pretty well.

3 minutes to go and Eberle scores. Husso slows it down but it trickles through him into the net. 1-0 Kraken. Husso then has to make a big point-blank save to keep the game at that score.

16 seconds to go and guess who scores? THE RED WINGS! Suter puts in a lot of work and ties the game 1-1! That’s a big ol’ goal that really improves the vibe.

Second Period

Welp. Eberle scores again just 2 minutes in and it’s 2-1 Kraken. These second period Wings are not very spicy in the first 5 minutes. The most dangerous chance for the Wings was trying to make “Suter to Oesterle” sound exciting.

We learn that Hellberg has a dog named Rupert (Husso is still in net). Just another Ken Daniels fact.

We have our first penalty of the game. Time for a Rrrrrred Wings powerplay! Larsson in the Bad Boy Box for holding. Halfway through the period. It is a pooperplay.

The second penalty of the game, goes against the Wings. Penalty kill time! Copp in the Crimes Cabana this time. Eberle almost gets the hatty but Husso and a little luck kept it out. Penalty killed!

Win a faceoff? No thanks! Can’t have nice things.

Ras gets hi-sticked in front of his parents. Is it a Wings game if Ras doesn’t draw a penalty? Dunn gets 4 minutes in the Timeout Terrarium. 1:20 left in the period so they’ll start the 3rd with a penalty. Or will they? Perron off the faceoff takes a 2-minute penalty for holding the stick. So 4v4 to end the period with Perron in the Dork Den.

Husso makes a big save but the next one gets by him from Oleksiak. 3-1 Kraken. Pain.

Third Period

4v4 endured and now the Wings get an almost 2-minute powerplay. Kraken keeping the Wings forced to the outside, lots of passing without being able to set up a good shot. Pooperplay.

Chiarot misses on his best scoring chance and the forward lines are getting shuffled. It did not help. 4-1 Kraken.

Larkin finally gets his chance with a nice setup but nope and then his follow-up shot is also a nope. Just how things have been going with 10 minutes to go. Wings pouring it on over the last couple of minutes, throwing kitchen sinks, but haven’t solved Grubauer.

Grubauer is also being helped by the Wings missing open nets. The Wings have been in control but just can’t finish the job. Just one puck going in and they probably would have gotten the two more they needed pretty quickly. Frustrating. Zadina elbowed in the face but refs missed it.

3 minutes to go and Husso is on the bench.

FINALLY. LARKIN SCOOOOOOOOOORES! 2 minutes and net still empty. Kraken now get a taste of our bad luck as they miss and then hit two goalposts trying for the open net. Wings trying to the bitter end.

(Pay the Man)

1 minute.

30 seconds and a penalty called and Tanev hits the post on the empty net. Tanev wants to fight Bert but the refs hold everyone back. Bert is sent to the room for whatever made Tanev mad. Tanev and Seider get matching misconduct penalties and sent off. Perron is the only one in the Evildoer Enclosure by the end. Wings end on the penalty kill.

FINAL: Kraken 4 – Wings 2

Goodbye Washington the state, onward to Washington the city.

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