WIIM Radio Mailbag: Last Week Edition

After missing last week, we're back with another WIIM Radio recording tonight. We'll have a lot to go over, and by the time we record we'll have a better idea of what the Wings need to accomplish (since we're hoping that Carolina can pull off an upset victory in Boston tonight). Here's a rundown of the hot topics:

  • The Playoff Push - The Wings climbed back into contention and are in control of their own playoff destiny, but they have a real tough schedule this week. How do we like our chances? If we do make it, who do we want to face?
  • Pavel Datsyuk - Rumors abound on the possibility of him leaving the Wings this summer and dropping a $7.5M dead cap hit. Statements since the original rumor came out haven't exactly been confidence-inspiring too. Are we going to lose the Magic Man?
  • Prospects Report - The Griffins have clinched a playoff spot already and we've got some kids from all over still playing in their respective league playoffs. We'll have a rundown.
  • Reader Questions - This is where you come in. Give us your best questions in the comments below and we'll go over the ones that we haven't already touched on.

- - -

We'll be recording late tonight, so get questions in any time before 10pm ET. Thanks and LGRW!