WIIM Radio Mailbag: Season Autopsy Edition

Welcome to a brand new day and a brand new mailbag. We took some time off to grieve the end of the Red Wings' season and now we're back to pick apart the remains like the hyenas we are. The rest of the playoffs are still going on and we're getting some honestly entertaining games out of the second round, but man does it sting watching The Isles/Tampa series look like the worst one of the four and thinking "WE could be the ones stinking up the second round instead of those chumps!"

Here's a rundown of topics for us this time around:

  • What went wrong? - We know the Wings weren't good enough and we've got more than enough stuff from all over the place highlighting some potential reasons why the team looked so dysfunctional on the ice for much of the season. We'll go over all that in great detail.
  • How do you fix it? - We've heard vague hints about lowering ice time for old guys and being aggressive at the draft. How much work do the Wings need to get them back to being a competitor soonest? We'll discuss the possibility of the stealth tank, and how to build best in today's NHL.
  • Prospects Report - The Griffins are the only game left in town now, as they get ready to start their second round series against Lake Erie this Thursday. We'll have a rundown on how that's supposed to go.
  • Reader Questions - All those offseason trade ideas and looking to the future questions are now fair game. Though, you can feel free to ask us just about anything. If we haven't already covered it, we'll hit up your questions in my personal favorite segment.
  • Around the league - Who's going to win the cup now that Chicago and Los Angeles are gone?/

- - -

We'll be recording late tonight, so get your questions in all day. Thanks and LGRW!