WIIM Radio Mailbag: The Season Starter Edition

Hey everybody! It’s mailbag time for another episode of WIIM Radio coming up. We’ll be recording late tonight as we’re practicing staying up very late for the Wings’ western Canada trip. Here’s a list of topics we’ll get into:

The Start to the Season: Detroit is 3-3 and have lost two straight. They’re at least better than they started last season but early excitement seems to be fading quickly. Is there any reason to change our preseason expectations through the first six games of the year?

Trying to make Svetch Happen: The biggest question for Wings fans in the last week was about why the team insisted on keeping Evgeny Svechnikov up so long if they weren’t going to play him. We’ll explore that topic.

Early Season Observations: The Oilers started hot, the Devils started cold; we’ll skip around the league to share early-season observations.

Reader Questions: The entire purpose of the mailbag here. You ask your best questions and we’ll give all the answers you could ever desire.

Get your questions in before we record tonight and look for the new episode to drop!