WIIM Radio Mailbag Time: Training Camp Edition

Welcome my friends to the very cusp of hockey season. We've got real life hockey news finally going down and we're excited to be bringing you another episode of WIIM Radio this week. We'll be recording tonight and here's a brief rundown of what we'll be discussing.

Prospects Tourney - The Wings took 2nd in the Prospects Tourney (:sadface:). Despite not winning the Matthew Wuest Memorial Cup in the trophy's inaugural season, the Wings got a strong showing from scoring leaders Tomas Nosek, Andreas Athanasiou, and Dylan Larkin. Our own Michelle was there to see the action and we've got lots to be excited about.

The Wings' Main Camp - Camp started on Friday and ran through the weekend. By the time we record the Red & White game will have gone down and the first squad should be on a plane to Chicago for Tuesday's preseason game. Michelle and Kyle will give us their reports from camp, talking about their experiences as credentialed press in Traverse City.

Happenings around the league - There's kind of an important story out there involving Chicago. I don't know how much we're going to talk about it because it honestly makes me very upset, but I think it might help to talk through it.

Prospects Report - While the prospects have been in our faces for the last two weeks, Michelle will give us a quick rundown of the guys we haven't been talking about nonstop lately.

Reader Questions - Here's where you come in:

One of the things we lost when going to a pre-recorded instead of live show was the ability to react to reader questions and feedback in real-time. We want to hear from you and we want to hear your questions. Please leave a comment below before 10pm EST tonight and we'll answer your question in our mailbag segment if we haven't already covered it beforehand.

Thank you and LGRW!