WIIM Radio Mailbag: Wagons West Edition

Welcome to another edition of the WIIM Radio mailbag. WE're getting ready to record tonight to get an episode up for you to listen to tomorrow. Our ordinary recording time of Monday was stolen by the NHL schedulemakers who feel that Detroit should have been playing LA last night. Big jerks.

At any rate, here's a rundown of topics for us:

  • Recent Results: The Wings had a four game winning streak snapped in a loss that we pretty much all saw coming. So why did we see it coming? We'll be sure to tell you! Now that the loss is out of the way, how will the Wings react?
  • Roster News: We still haven't made sense of the cap situation. Hopefully we'll know by the time we record what exactly is going on with the "$66M cap" for the Wings. If not, we'll at least give all the speculation we can on what it's about.
  • Around the League: The Panthers are hot, the Kings are good, the Bruins are a roller-coaster, who are we worried about?
  • Trade Talk: The Stamkos/Drouin thing isn't happening, but is there anything that does make sense?
  • Prospects Report: Michelle will run us down on the Griffins report as well as the other prospects around the world.
  • Mailbag Time: Here's where you come in. Give us your best questions and we'll make sure to give our best answers. We're counting on you to be good at this.
  • Looking Ahead: After the Western trip, the Wings return home to see the Flyers on Sunday. Kind of a slow week. Hopefully the rest helps.

- - -

We'll be recording late on Tuesday night, so get your questions in all day.