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WIIM Welcomes our Newest: Say Hi to Riley

[Editor’s Note: Welcome to the family, Riley!]

Hi everyone! I’m Riley, a lifelong Red Wings fan who grew up idolizing Brendan Shanahan and Tomas Holmstrom. I even frequently wore 14 and 96 most years when I played hockey. I’ve been skating since I was only two years old and have played hockey since I was five.

I attended Grand Valley State University where I got my degree in Multimedia Journalism. I broadcasted for the GVSU women’s hockey team where I won two Student MAB awards for Best Sports Broadcast Team. Before working here, I wrote about the Red Wings for overtimeheroics.net. I absolutely love writing because it feels so good to share my thoughts somewhere and apparently people think my thoughts are worth reading.

Most importantly, I am a transgender woman. I say this because it’s not something I try to hide or that I’m ashamed of. It is who I am and it’s something that should be more normalized in society. I came out in February 2021 and started my transition in April 2021. I use she/her pronouns. Thank you all and I look forward to sharing my thoughts with all of you!

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