BOLD Predictions II: The Veterans

Hey hey it's day two of WIIM's BOLD Predictions series, the reminder every year that we know everything there is to know about hockey right up until hockey actually starts. Yesterday, we got the predictions from Caleb, Matt, and Prashanth out there for you all to chew up and swallow (as well as a bunch of reader predictions).

Today, we'll have the more-veteran among us take a stab at things. This time around, we've got Kyle, Christian, and Joseph to tell us how it was, how it is, and how it is to be. Remember to put in your predictions down below so we can make sure to offer you up to the Minority Report recruiters when they come calling.


1. Luke Glendening scores more goals than Henrik Zetterberg

Christian: Sorry, not going to happen.

Joseph: I will eat an avocado salad if this comes true and they play similar numbers of games.

2. A waiver-eligible defenseman gets traded. I don't know who, but it will happen

Christian: Nice knowing you Mr. Green.

Joseph: I predicted a trade last season. It didn't happen. When will you learn from my example?

3. Petr Mrazek plays over 50 games, and wins at least 30 of them

Christian: Yet Jimmy Howard gets the nod in Game 1 of the playoffs.

Joseph: I thought these were called "BOLD" predictions?

4. The Dallas Stars will be bad (miss the playoffs).

Christian: Still earns enough points to have made the playoffs in the East.

Joseph: But entertaining.

5. Dylan Larkin is named a finalist for the Calder Trophy.

Christian: But loses to Anthony Mantha.

Joseph: Another stupid age argument will prevent him from winning it.


1. Jimmy Howard starts more games than Petr Mrazek.

Joseph: Mrazek still gets the nod in the playoffs.

Kyle: Because Mrazek was traded.

2. The Buffalo Sabres and Edmonton Oilers both make the playoffs.

Joseph: You spelled "draft lottery" wrong.

Kyle: [speechless]

3. Niklas Kronwall is a Norris Trophy finalist.

Joseph: Headline then gets retracted from the NHL site and apologies are sent for misinformation.

Kyle: How many years are we going to say this? Not happening.

4. But, Erik Karlsson wins the Norris Trophy, again.

Joseph: Playing exactly 0:00 of penalty kill time.

Kyle: He'll be a finalist, but I think Subban or Ekblad take it this year.

5. Justin Abdelkader scores over 25 goals.

Joseph: . . . over the next three seasons with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Kyle: Gets a $40 million contract, hopefully not from the Wings


1. Drew Miller will score a goal on Ryan Miller.

Kyle: Red Wings turn around and trade Drew Miller to the Cancucks

Christian: Only happens if Ryan Miller is traded back to the Sabres.

2. There will be a 60-goal scorer this season.

Kyle: It might end up being Luke Glendening

Christian: Anthony Mantha.

3. Five (or more) players will play their first NHL game with the Red Wings this season.

Kyle: I'm just gonna go ahead and agree

Christian: If previous seasons have taught us anything, then I expect this to happen.

4. The Art Ross and Rocket Richard winners won't get a Hart nomination.

Kyle: I agree with this.

Christian: The only way this happens is if a goalie wins the Hart.

5. The Red Wings will sign an NCAA free agent midseason, and he'll contribute a la Danny DeKeyser.

Kyle: Yeah, we definitely have plenty of room for more defensemen.

Christian: Fine with me!