Happy Thanksgiving from our WIIM Family to yours

We're going to take the day off and be with our families today, but we didn't want to leave you without a place to potentially escape the craziness and talk some hockey with friends and, dare I say, your WIIM family?

In the spirit of things, here's what we're thankful for in hockey on this day:

J.J. - I'm thankful Dylan Larkin fell all the way to #15.

Kyle - I'm thankful for my WIIM family, Mike Green, and his cat named Banana.

Prashanth - I'm thankful that Hakan Andersson's plane to see Datsyuk play for the 3rd time got snowed out so that the St. Louis Blues scout never saw him play. Also thankful for the opportunity to join WIIM this year and crack corny jokes with all of you.

Christian - I am thankful that the Red Wings have remained a competitive team for over 25 years while the Tigers, Lions, and Pistons have all had their ups-and-downs.

Caleb - I'm thankful that the Red Wings have made the playoffs every single year of my life starting just a couple months before I was born. Every other childhood sports team of mine has gone through long periods of being awful and not fun, but I've always been able to count on the Red Wings to be at least decent, if not amazingly good.

Matt - I'm thankful for our Savior Dylan Larkin, and for my first Thanksgiving at WIIM. And for all of you reading this, as well.

Jeff - I'm thankful Brendan Smith is still a Red Wing. I'm also thankful we have thumbs so we can put them up.

Joe - I'm thankful that i'm finally employed, yet still able to contribute to and be a part of this community. [Ed: we're thankful for this too, Joe]

Michelle - I'm thankful to Alex and Jonathan getting me hooked on hockey. To the Red Wings and Griffins for stealing my heart, making me proud, and allowing me to cheer for the best teams ( my teams are ALWAYS the best). To my Winging It In Motown family, to Jeff Blashill being so smart, and to all my favorite players for brining me joy, happiness, and giving me a reason to scream and cheer until my lungs hurt. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Lauren - I am thankful for the Red Wings breaking the mold and giving Dylan Larkin a chance this year; for Johan Franzen's humor in the midst of his concussion symptoms; for Mike Green, his pretty face, his tattoos, his cats, and his fit on the Red Wings blueline; and the fact that Jeff Blashill is not Mike Babcock (there, I said it). I am also thankful for my first Thanksgiving here at Winging It In Motown, because our staff and our readers are all awesome!

Graham - I'm thankful to Steve Yzerman for being a magician the first time I ever saw him play, earning a spot as my childhood hero and making me a Red Wing fan forever. I'm thankful to the Red Wings for being interesting, even if it's not always for great reasons. I'm thankful to Mike Babcock for being a great coach for 10 years, and thankful to Jeff Blashill for injecting a much-needed breath of fresh air into a franchise that needed it, even if it's coming with some growing pains. I'm thankful to Casey and J.J. for bringing me aboard WIIM five years ago and given me a place to voice my thoughts and opinions while being a part of the best Red Wings' community on the internet.

Most importantly of all, thanks to all of you readers who come around and share in the Red Wings fan experience with us. Without you, this place wouldn't be any fun.