IT’S HAPPENING: According to Reports, Red Wings Will Announce Steve Yzerman as GM at 3pm Today

This morning brought the kind of news that can only be presented in a tweet.

Oh, sorry. Not that one. This one.

That’s right, it’s happening. All the signs seemed to point to Steve Yzerman returning to the Red Wings in the near future, but it was unclear as to what position he would hold. It seems we have our answer.

Ken Holland has been with the Red Wings since 1983, promoted to the position of general manager in 1997.

The team has won the Presidents Trophy four times and the Stanley Cup three times with Holland as GM.


Like I wrote above, this has seemed like the worst kept secret in hockey for some time now. If you listen to WIIM Radio, you’ve heard us say repeatedly how Detroit will never fire Holland, but instead allow him to move up to a different position.

This is great news for a team that definitely needed some after moving down two slots in the lottery. That was the most statistically likely outcome, but it still felt like two punches in the stomach. The Yzerman news feels more like your dog coming up and licking your face after you lie down from being punched in the stomach two times.

This is a developing story. We will be continuing to monitor this throughout the day and will bring you more information as we receive it.


OK, now this looks more like my current Twitter timeline.