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Listen to WIIM Radio: Post All-Star Break Edition

Welcome to a new episode of WIIM Radio. This time we had me, Jeff and Kyle only (RIP Graham) to cover the week where there were no Wings games to cover, but lots to talk about. Here’s what we got into:

  • The ASG Weekend and the amazing John Scott story – The NHL fell backwards into the best All-Star game I’ve ever seen. Trying to pick a favorite moment was like trying to pick a favorite kid (meaning you do it, but don’t tell anybody because they’ll judge you for it).
  • Dylan Larkin’s ASG Weekend – Hey we had a guy there and he caught everybody’s eye with how good he is. Larkin rules.
  • Can you recreate the Scott magic? Should you even try? – Nobody knew what was going to happen this year, but now there’s a “script.” Is it possible to have this happen again without it all coming across as hokey saccharine bullshit? I say no.
  • The line combos – Luke Glendening practiced on the third line because of Sheahan’s illness. Kyle tries to be ok with it and I say something mean to him because of it.
  • The defense and the future of Kronwall – Detroit’s de facto #1 defenseman isn’t capable of doing that anymore. What can he still do for us and what’s his future with the team?
  • Prospects Report – Michelle runs us through all the goings-on with the prospects spread about the world.
  • Reader Questions – Everybody’s favorite segment covers all the great reader questions you left in our mailbag. No duck-sized Eric Tangradis this week, but we got some real good questions.
  • The Week ahead – The Wings will play four more times before we meet again. How will they do in that time?

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You can listen via the embedded player above or download from our Blogtalk Radio page. You can also download and subscribe via iTunes or Google Podcasts. Be sure to give us a review on iTunes sometime.

As always, WIIM Radio is rated R for clown groping and language.

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