Listen to WIIM Radio: The Good 19 Edition

Welcome to the latest edition of WIIM Radio! We have the same great group of Kyle, JJ, Sara, and me as last time for this one.  Here’s what we got up to, including time stamps (Time stamps don’t include the advertisements because we have no control over how long the ad breaks are):

00:00:00 - What is the plan going to be for the Wings’ defense?

00:11:27 - What about goalies? What are some likely scenarios for next season?

00:24:21 - “Yzerman of the People” - What does Stevie Y have up his sleeve for this offseason? What is the overall direction? What about potential UFA Torey Krug?

00:47:47 - Reader questions and some nice words about the community.

You can listen via the embedded player above or download on your favorite podcasting app, including Spotify! We will hand deliver it to your door, as long as you don’t get within 6 feet of us (and pay us a monthly fee of $65,000)

As always, WIIM Radio is rated R for language and light treason.