Morning Skate: Red Wings vs. Sabres - Preview, How to Watch

It’s the end of the middle of the beginning of the new Red Wings

Time: 7:00pm ET

Place: Little Caesar’s Arena


Radio: 97.1 FM The Ticket, 1270 AM

Sabres blog: Die By The Blade

Good day to you all and congratulations on reaching the last Wings game of the 2018-2019 season. We’ve seen a completely different Wings team down the stretch than the one that started the season, and that isn’t a reference to development or what not but actual different humans wearing the Winged Wheel and skating about.

While Thursday’s loss to the Pens that saw them clinch for the playoffs was more like the Red Wings we’ve come to know this season, the delightful series of escapades from the kids, most notably our fearsome foursome of Larkin, Bert, Mantha, and AA, has made the Wings a fun team to watch down the stretch.

Believe it or not, the Wings aren’t the underdogs tonight, as we sit juuuuust above the Sabres in the Atlantic. The Wings and the Sabres both have 74 points from a record of (32-39-10). In that stretch we are 8-2-0 and the Sabres are 2-7-1. So...a little different. And naturally, the Sens are the putrid heap of wreckage at the bottom of the standings (that Buffalo defeated 5-2 on Thursday).

The Sabres are another cautionary tale of how drafting high can still leave you with nothing but the echoing wails of fans screaming WHHYYYYYY into the void of The Internet. Not that this would happen to us, because LARKIN WOULD NEVER let things go so wrong. The Sabres now own the longest playoff drought in the NHL, so congrats to them.

It’d be more fun if us winning meant something good happened with the draft odds, but we are stuck with the current playoff format until at least the end of next season. Maybe with Seattle will come a re-evaluation of the playoff format along with the division alignments.

Bottom line: whether we win or lose, there will be hurt feelings involved, but no matter what outcome you want if you’re at the game you better LGRW chant your lungs out for those of us sitting at home. Please, it’s #ForTheKids.

1-2-3 Let’s Have Fun! Let’s Goooooooooo Red Wings!