Morning Skate: Winnipeg Jets at Detroit Red Wings

Round 2! Fight!

Time: 7:30 PM Eastern
Place: Little Caesar’s Arena, Detroit, MI
TV: FS Detroit+, TSN3
Radio: 97.1 FM The Ticket  //  1270 AM
Jets’ Blog: Arctic Ice Hockey

Remember the 00’s, when the Red Wings were really good and played home-and-homes against Chicago and Columbus, so fans could drive to both games? Well, now it’s the 10’s and the Red Wings are really bad and play home-and-homes against the Winnipeg Jets, so fans can have their car die half way to Winnipeg and become grizzly food when they get out of the car and wander into the vast Canadian Prairie because they’re suffering from something called Blizzard Fever, which I’m 80% sure might be a real thing.

(I’m mostly just complaining about the weather here since I live eight hours south of Winnipeg and have still been freezing my butt off in single digit temps the last 48 hours. Personally, I dislike the whole ‘Winnipeg is boring and cold’ narrative because it has always felt uninformed and I’ve lived in towns of 1000 and metro areas of several million, and both are great places. What’s that? Do you think I’m avoiding talking about the train wreck that was the front end of this home-and-home because I’m still dealing with the psychic wounds of that 5-1 beat down? I don’t know. It’s possible, I guess.)

The roster is going to shuffle quite a bit today, so we’ll keep you posted. Winnipeg played well two nights ago and will probably keep a very similar, if not identical roster on the ice. I mean, you don’t change things up when you win  5-1. But you usually do when you lose 5-1. That’s why McIlrath and Cholowski were sent down (unless it’s a trade or something that I have yet to hear about as of this writing.) Anyway! Things will be different for the Wings tonight, both in roster and (hopefully) in result! Unless they’re really set on breaking that regulation loss record. Only two losses to go! Take your best stab at the score below.