Quick Hits: Timonen, Del Zotto, and Advanced Stats

Red Wings News

Alfie to resume skating; if he returns, it’s Detroit or nothing | ProHockeyTalk
We will find out in a few weeks whether Alfredsson wants to return or not. I have a feeling that he will, but I do not want to bet on it. His play from last season certainly indicated that he has at least one more year of hockey left in him.

U.S. junior hockey team makes cuts, several local players still alive | Detroit Free Press

Dylan Larkin and Dominic Turgeon both survived the cut and are still on the team.

Wings’ Howard to ride in an F-16 | Windsor Star

900 miles per hour? That's nine Zdeno Chara shots.

NHL News

Flyers’ Timonen diagnosed with blood clots | ProHockeyTalk
Blood clots can be deadly, and should not be taken lightly. It is unknown whether Timonen will decide to retire, or if he will try to continue playing. I have a feeling that the former is the most likely option.

Tyler Dellow hired by Oilers as mainstreaming of fancy stats is complete | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
I have never been into advanced stats the same way that many of you currently are. But, I am excited to see what the future holds for these stats as NHL teams begin to use them.

PHOTOS: Junior hockey duo going viral with hilarious hobby - CBSSports.com
This is great. These are just like Josh's game posters, expect for the whole photoshop part.

That was fast: Flyers sign Del Zotto to one-year, $1.3M deal | ProHockeyTalk
It was about time. As I said a few days ago, as soon as injuries begin to emerge, players like Del Zotto would find a team. Although, I did not expect this to occur so soon, nor for the injury to be as severe as Timonen's turned out to be. While I am sure that the Flyers would rather have had Timomen in their lineup, Del Zotto has a lot of upside, and this could be very rewarding in the end.

Jonathan Quick is overrated in NHL 15 - SBNation.com

EA overvalues many players, just as it undervalues many as well. Quincey is not an 84 overall player, but Weiss is better than an 81.

Auction house apologizes to Cherry for mistake - Sportsnet.ca
Even if they intended for Cherry to point out the mistake, consider the free advertising here. I would never have heard of this house, and now I do.

Nearly everyone in the world hates the Boston Bruins | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

I am actually really happy that a good chunk of mid-western USA (I am looking at you Colorado) hates the Wings. It shows that we are still quite relevant.

VIDEO: Michigan couple weds on skates at local ice rink - CBSSports.com
Just make sure that you don't slip. Ask Steven Gerrard, slipping is bad.

Pens re-sign Sutter: two years, $6.6 million | ProHockeyTalk
Brandon Sutter received a $1.2 million dollar annual raise from his last contract. He scored 13 goals and 26 points last season for the Penguins.

Remembering the Seattle Metropolitans, America's first Stanley Cup champion - SBNation.com

The Metropolitans won the Cup back in 1917, before the NHL had even existed. If the NHL decides to put an expansion team in Seattle, having it begin play in 2017 would be quite fitting. The 100-year anniversary of America's first ever Cup win.

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